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3.8. Na ceste do Roncesvalles

4. 8. 2016

Ráno, po dobrom spánku ma prebudil neúprosne budíček. Bolo treba vstávať, preogranizovať batoh, aby bol pripravený na začiatok púte. Napísať "myšlienočku" do kroniky pre Annu a Josého pre ich srdečné prijatie. Prišli mi na um slová z Kroník Narnie od C.S. Lewisa, ktorý opisoval situáciu, v ktorej dve deti stáli v rozprávkovej ríši pred zlatým zvonom, na ktorom boli napísané tieto slova:


Na ceste do Barcelóny

3. 8. 2016

Cesta do Barcelóny prebehla veľmi hladko. Bol som odprevadený rodičmi na Budapeštianske letisko a následne Vuelingom skoro trojhodinový let. Vláčikom z letiska do centra mesta na zastávku El Clot-Aragó, kde som sa stretol s príjemným manželským párom Annou a José.

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Fotky z Prešova

14. 7. 2016

Prešov city

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Homily - 22.8.2011

22. 8. 2011

http://www.dating-weblog.com/50226711/breaking_up_kindly.phpEach of Paul's letters can be divided into two parts. In the first part of the letter, he praises and gives thanks for the testimony of these Christians. The second part contains the teachings and draws attention to new problems in the community. Paul begins each mentoring with a mention of faith and love. He remembers the time spent with the recipients of the letter. He reminds them how cheerfully they accepted the gospel. Then he begins his teaching, and they begin to learn.

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Sunday Homily - 21.8.2011

21. 8. 2011

http://blankspot-atme.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-or-who-am-i.htmlWhen I was a child, I really admired stories about American Indians. Books about Indians by German author Karl May are very popular in all European countries. I admired their courage and bravery. However, a special feature for me was their names, which they gathered at the threshold of adulthood. These names reflected their attitude towards life, which they sought to prove throughout life. I do not know if it was true, but the biggest shame was the loss of a name for bad behavior.

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Homily - 17.8.2011

18. 8. 2011

This parable of the laborers in the vineyard sounds paradoxical. Why would a farmer hire people at different times of day and then pay them all equally? In today’s world it could be considered as discrimination or injustice to some employees.

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Homily - 15.8.2011

15. 8. 2011

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YOWqOygLSBs/TcRSayXLv2I/AAAAAAAAAKY/AtWhat is humility? When we say "modest person", often the quiet, unobtrusive man or woman comes to mind. When you compliment him, he protests that he is not so good. But is this true humility?

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Sunday Homily - 14.8.2011

14. 8. 2011

pokora.jpgParental love brings extraordinary sacrifices. In Slovakia, we usually talk about "the cat love." Like the mother cat, parents do their utmost to see that nothing is lacking for their children. If their child is gifted, they work diligently, so they can pay for the best school. If their child is seriously ill, parents are willing to do anything for the health of the child.

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Homily - 12.8.2011

13. 8. 2011

fiducia1.jpegOn the 15th of August for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, we will think about the virtue of humility. Today, however, the gospel encourages us to think about the virtue of fidelity. Often today fidelity is understood as something static: we decided on something - marriage, priesthood, profession, promise, faith - and we constantly we keep it.

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Homily - 8.8.2011

11. 8. 2011

http://ucsantacruz.ucnrs.org/?page_id=1343Jesus' words have a deeper meaning than it seems at first sight. The collectors ask him to pay the Temple tax. Jesus says that the king collected taxes only from foreigners, not from their own children - they do not pay the tax. Jesus as the Son of God is exempt from the temple tax. He goes further still: all the children of God are exempt from payment.

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