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Homily - 11.7.2011

When I was studying at the university, I was admiring how every lecture fits logically into others. When a lecturer began his lecture, usually he followed what he said in a previous lecture. And he developed what I already knew. It was nice. But there was the one "if". If I was constantly studying, then I absorbed the last lecture and I was ready to follow the next one.

Also God "is giving a lecture" for us. He gives us a new day full of gifts. He gives us his Words in the Bible. From the morning he sends us people through whom he expresses his love to us, he gives directions, admonitions, pleasures. He sends us the guardian angels who accompany us and free us (Ps 34:8). All this we can admire and experience for every day. But also there is one "if" – if we accept Jesus words, if we take up our cross and if we follow after Jesus.



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