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Homily - 12.8.2011

fiducia1.jpegOn the 15th of August for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, we will think about the virtue of humility. Today, however, the gospel encourages us to think about the virtue of fidelity. Often today fidelity is understood as something static: we decided on something - marriage, priesthood, profession, promise, faith - and we constantly we keep it.

But fidelity requires constant effort to survive as well as development of this state of life. We must not let this slip away from our eyes and our minds. We should constantly think about how to improve our marriage, priesthood, faith, or promise. I think about the time spent with you in Radford, which is good for my priesthood. Certainly it would be pleasant if I had spent my vacation time with the young in the mountains with my family in the water park and so on ... But knowledge of other pastoral care, culture, new people, and life is more important for my profession than just simple entertainment.

And also it is the same with marriage, professions, and faith. Let´s look for ways to improve them.



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