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Homily - 13.7.2011

In the flaming bush Moses met face to face with God - and God gave to him the mission for his life: "I will send you to Pharaoh to lead my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt!" (Ex 3, 10).

Moses considered this mission impossible. Moses tried getting out of this situation. He did not have confidence in himself to complete this mission. He didn´t believe that the people of Israel would listen to him. He assumed that Pharaoh would not take him seriously. Finally, Moses finished beating about the bush and said: "Please, send someone else!"

But God didn´t capitulate to him. He answered with the assurance: "I will be with you." Finally, Moses agreed, and we know how the story ended.

Maybe we don´t see the burning bush, but God is calling us constantly. He has a plan for us, where we serve him in our families, church and community. Every day we are face to face with this decision. We can choose: to reject the call of God and his plan or accept it. But we can be sure: God doesn´t ever send us into a situation alone.



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