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Homily - 15.7.2011

"This month will stand at the head of your calendar; you will reckon it the first month of the year" (Ex 12, 2).

You can imagine how important for the Jewish people the feast of Passover was and still is. It is so important for their identity that they incorporated it into their calendar. And the remembrance of the departure from Egypt is their biggest feast. Every year Jews celebrate the Passover as commemorating all the events related to their deliverance.

They know that God was acting not only in the past. He helps them constantly, protects them, frees them.

Also we Christians should revere our traditions and history. God wants us to remember and to tell what he has done for us in the past - specifically, what he has done for us through His Son. He knows that when we are celebrating our salvation as we do in the Mass, we experience it more deeply. This experience can strengthen us in our faith in the future, to what God has called us.



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