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Homily - 15.8.2011

15. 8. 2011

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YOWqOygLSBs/TcRSayXLv2I/AAAAAAAAAKY/AtWhat is humility? When we say "modest person", often the quiet, unobtrusive man or woman comes to mind. When you compliment him, he protests that he is not so good. But is this true humility?

Consider the Blessed Virgin Mary. Imagine a young woman in pregnancy, as she is visiting her aunt in a time where travel was much more difficult. That's called courage!

Mary was decisive, energetic and adventurous, which does not mean that she was conceited! When attention was paid to her, she always pointed to God. With certainty, she knew well that all blessings come from God. She simply chose this, to do what God called for. She knew that she was unable to carry out God's plan herself. But she didn´t stop. She went further. She courageously stepped forward and she put her life in God's faithfulness.

This is what humility is about!



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