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Homily - 18.7.2011

19. 7. 2011

If we are fond of someone, we have certain things which remind us of him, when he is not present. For example: a photo in our wallet; a restaurant where you ate together; or a movie which you watched together; a favorite song that you both liked. But what would you prefer: the memories or the man standing next to you?

This is the core problem that Jesus presented the Pharisees and scribes. Jesus knew that they loved the law of God, but he urged them to go further. They were interested only in signs of God's presence in Israel's history as the very presence of God. They wanted to test the power and authority of Jesus to determine if God was present in him. But the Son of God stood in front of them!

What about us? What do we expect from God? Signs and wonders? Or do we trust that he is with us. The biggest and most useful miracle is the sign of the cross. Jesus conquered death and sin and he opened the gates of heaven to us. And in this way he walks with us.



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