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Homily - 20.7.2011

21. 7. 2011

How faithful God is! Forty years he gave the Israelites bread from heaven. Every morning when they woke up, they found manna in the desert - enough for all. Before Saturday, God gave them as much again, so they did not have to work on Saturdays. Imagine how exciting it was for the children of Israel. They trusted that God would look after them!

But over time the manna started to be detestable for the Israelites (Nm 11, 6). They no longer understood what a precious gift it was. They forgot how their life seemed when God wasn´t gracious to them.

How easily it can happen to us, when we lose the knowledge of the gift from God. During each Mass, the ordinary bread and wine transform into Jesus' body and blood. Day after day, year after year around the world the same miracle is enacted. It is understandable that over time we take the Eucharist as something ordinary. Don´t forget that the Bread of life is an incredible gift from God!



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