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Homily - 22.7.2011

When Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene had survived much in her life. Jesus freed her from seven demons and she became his disciple. She supported him financially and she followed him wherever he went and preached the Gospel (Lc 8:1-3). She was one of those who stood by the cross of Jesus at his death. But after Jesus' resurrection, Mary Magdalene forgot Jesus´ promise that he would rise again. Although her love remained unyielding, her faith and hope were shaky.

This is important for us all. Although Mary Magdalene was faithful and blameless, she was still only human. She was complaining that, she obeyed the commandments, did good deeds, showed kindness and generosity, so what brought her to this point. Yet she needed to meet the Lord, for he again changed her life. She needed to hear the voice of the risen Christ, who pronounced her name. When she heard Jesus voice, he not only restored her faith, but also he transformed her!

The encounter with Christ face to face changed the life of Mary Magdalene and the same thing can happen to us.



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