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Homily - 8.7.2011

8. 7. 2011

Maybe also you had a similar experience: you were talking to someone. And the idea of speaking about Jesus came to you. But at this moment you wondered, how are you to speak and what are you to say? You knew this was the best moment to speak. But no, you said nothing.

Today's Gospel explains to us the essence of evangelism: Don´t worry about what you are to say. You trust to the Holy Spirit. He is able to put in your mouth the right words and to decide the right moment for evangelization. Also, sometimes it is important to remain silent. Sometimes it is important to talk.

These days I am reading a book by Cardinal Walter Kasper “The God of Jesus Christ”, in which he writes: At this time when people often don’t know what is true and what is a lie, we Christians must transmit the basic values of life. We Christians illustrate the true freedom that comes from the Gospel.

You trust the Holy Spirit and he will help you evangelize just as he helped the Twelve disciples. An empty cup cannot give any water. Also an empty man cannot give wisdom. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit: through reading, meditation and prayer.



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