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Homily - 8.8.2011

http://ucsantacruz.ucnrs.org/?page_id=1343Jesus' words have a deeper meaning than it seems at first sight. The collectors ask him to pay the Temple tax. Jesus says that the king collected taxes only from foreigners, not from their own children - they do not pay the tax. Jesus as the Son of God is exempt from the temple tax. He goes further still: all the children of God are exempt from payment.

What a great truth: children are free because they are children! The prodigal son who squandered all his assets verified the truth of freedom for himself (Lk 15:11-31). He became a real slave in a foreign country. He came home and his father treated him with all the son´s dignity that belonged to him as a son. True freedom “frees” us from following God out of fear or obligation.

We don´t do it, but we can do it!



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