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Sunday Homily - 14.8.2011

pokora.jpgParental love brings extraordinary sacrifices. In Slovakia, we usually talk about "the cat love." Like the mother cat, parents do their utmost to see that nothing is lacking for their children. If their child is gifted, they work diligently, so they can pay for the best school. If their child is seriously ill, parents are willing to do anything for the health of the child.

Even the mother from the pagan territory of Tyre and Sidon is admirable.

She would do everything so that Jesus would help her daughter. She could not be put off by his indifference, by his explanation that he came especially to save the Jews, or by his comparison of the Gentiles to dogs. Her brilliant answer, however, leads to the declaration of Jesus: "Woman, great is you faith. Let it be done for you as you wish." Her love for the child, her trust in Jesus, and her great humility are able to save her child from the influence of an evil spirit.

Can we help each other with an unsolvable problem? To solve this problem we need, what this woman had: courage, faith and humility. These are the qualities of faith that transform people's lives. But what is the limit permitted by God to test our faith, love and humility?
Think for example of Abraham. In old age he had a son Isaac. He experienced great joy because of God's blessing. But when the son grew up, God had prepared the test for Abraham. This test would show whether Abraham was truly the "father of the faithful." Abraham was to sacrifice his son. Abraham was willing to obey God. Can we fully understand? Probably not.

Certainly we do not understand, and may consider God to be cruel if he asks someone for such a sacrifice. When we think about Abraham and martyrs for the faith, we realize that those who can withstand the test of God acquire and show an inspiring behavior. They don´t refuse God, they don´t curse their lives, they are proud that they can die for the faith. They bring a thanksgiving sacrifice to God. They had the right to say no but instead said yes.

The quality of our faith can be tested only in a critical situation. None of us has the desire for it. None of us asks God to allow the temptation. But if such a situation occurs for us, then we should not perceive it as wrong done by God. The first time the test is unpleasant. Our soul and body are rebelling. We have the right to rebel but, after that we rise up and we live like new people. We will be new persons, better and smarter, with a deeper faith and love, with another view of our lives. Such struggle has become a blessing for ourselves and for our families.

We can say with St. Paul: "I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. From now on the crown of righteousness awaits me, which the Lord, the just judge will award to me."(2Tim 4:7-8).



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