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Sunday Homily - 17.7.2011

One of the Slovak bands (Desmod) sings the song with these words:
When it is raining,
the soul of the people
becomes clean.

And the singer continues:
This I like. I fulfilled a dream.
I understand everything.
I am not looking for anything more.

I do not know exactly what the singer means specifically. But the rain´s effects are obvious: it irrigates and washes, purifies. Because man has a desire for goodness, purity and beauty: When someone is dirty, the water will help. When someone is dry, the water will help. When there is a lot of dust, the water will help. Rain is not something pleasant for us, when we are outside. But when it is dry, the rain is very needed and desired. It will fertilize the earth to make plants grow.

The prophet Isaiah compares the Word, which comes from the mouth of God to the rain. God's Word fertilizes the soil of the human soul. Cleansing that comes from God´s Word is not pleasant, sometimes it is very painful. But it is necessary for a man. Because very often the human soul is dusty, dirty and it must be cleaned. We know it very well. The will of a man wants something, but God wants a different thing. People use a lot of strength to understand God´s Word and to fulfill God's will. But when a man does it, the rain of God´s Word cleanses him. It removes the sins and all the human imperfection. It gives good opportunity to grow.

The song with which I began the homily continues with these words:
I know about you, you put your soul in the windows.
I know about you, you want the rain every day.

I would be happy if we also wanted to receive the rain of God's Word every day. Only systematic work on myself brings the desired profit. Thus, the Grain grows up fast like a weed. This is hard and systematic work - every day.

And the song ends with the words:
And when the dust from the streets comes upon us
I want to let it rain.
I shall conclude my homily with a desire that we all want the rain again and again to wash us. Just as we care for external hygiene and cleanliness, let us also care for the purity of our souls. Jesus Christ said in last Sunday´s Gospel: "Whoever has ears ought to hear." Whoever has a sensible concern for his soul, let him try to save it. Salvation depends on our choices, as we receive God´s Word.



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