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Sunday Homily - 24.7.2011

24. 7. 2011

wisdom.jpegIn Slovakia, we have a very popular story about the Goldfish. One fisherman caught an unusual catch - a Goldfish. The Goldfish promises him that, if the fisherman drops it back into the sea, the Goldfish will grant him three wishes. There are different versions of what the fisherman wished for - beauty, wealth, happiness, health. But the story ends every time, that the fisherman wishes to go back to his early life. Maybe we would like to catch a goldfish to fulfill some secret wish of ours.

Today we heard in the first reading that King Solomon had the opportunity to wish for anything. God said: “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” (1Kgs 3:5) It was not a fairy-tale. It was real. Solomon wished the wish for which the God complimented him. Solomon wished for wisdom. Nothing else. Although he could have wished for long life, riches, victory over enemies and other such things. He just wanted to possess wisdom. God was very pleased and besides wisdom he also gave Solomon other gifts. Solomon´s wisdom became legendary in the world.

What exactly is wisdom? The book of The Wisdom of Ben Sira says in the first chapter: “The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord.” (Sir 1:14) Similarly, Jesus says in today's Gospel: “The kingdom of heaven is the most valuable thing that a man can possess.” Therefore, he compares it to the treasures hidden in the field or to a pearl. A man who wants to acquire it sells everything and buys it.

If we really care about the kingdom of God, we do everything to obtain it. From God's point of view this is the highest wisdom that man can possess. A wise man is this one who looks for the treasure of God's kingdom. He is like a man who builds his house on rock. The strain is great but the house will not crash down and it will remain.

God offers his wisdom to everyone. With it we can win the Promised Land. Sometimes it seems like the wisdom of God is opposed to human wisdom. But it is not so! Human wisdom finds its fulfillment in God.

We know very well what I mean when I say the word Titanic. It was at that time the largest ship. Some people said that it was the summit of human wisdom. People talked about it as the best, most beautiful, unsinkable ship. One shipping company employee, who helped to construct the ship, said about it: "Even God can’t destroy this ship!" A few days afterward it sank and a great many people died. What went wrong? The problem was that human wisdom was distanced from God´s wisdom.

The Psalmist says: The fool says in his heart: “There is no God.” Unwise is the one who opposes God. Who can achieve anything without God?

If we want to acquire true wisdom, then let's do as Solomon: Let us ask God for it. Wisdom is God's possession. We should not live with the misleading hope that we can achieve more without God. The destruction of the Titanic proves it.



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