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Sunday Homily - 7.8.2011

img_1505.jpgTwelve years ago, I had the opportunity to study in Italy for two years. Every Sunday evening I traveled by ship to Naples and every Friday I was coming back to the Island of Ischia. I travelled by a ferry big enough for a thousand people and more than a hundred cars. When the wind blew, very often we felt its force.

But the Apostles had a very small trawler. I can only imagine that the situation was not very pleasant. The boat was tossed by waves and there was darkness. How did the Apostles feel in this situation, when they saw, that someone was coming to them on the water? All night they had fought to save their lives. No wonder that they screamed “It is a ghost!” when they saw Jesus. Their joy was greater when they knew that their teacher was coming toward them on the water. Peter in his enthusiasm also wanted to walk on the water like Jesus. Jesus offered him this opportunity. And Peter, when he stood on the water, let fear overcome him and he began to sink. Jesus’ hand saved Peter. When Jesus entered the boat, the wind ceased and there was peace. What is the message of this passage from the Gospel for us? Christ didn’t come here to remove all our problems and suffering, to create for us heaven on earth. Conversely, very often our inconveniences move us closer to him. But Christ is the one who is helping us in our difficult situations. He is the one who drags us from the hands of evil and shows us the peaceful path.

But we must take the first step in faith to discard our human safety, to lose our footing and to entrust our lives to God's mighty hands. God's hands can catch us even when fear overcomes our faith. God hears our voices in the midst of the largest storms of our lives, storms which call for help, and He will come to meet us.

Two girls boarded the tram, one of them had a badge with the words “Jesus lives”. A man began to laugh at her saying: “I am finished with that nonsense.” The other person, who was sitting beside him, said: “Sorry, but do you think that you don´t need God? I need him.” The first man felt that his opinion was the majority opinion and said: “A man must have a backbone in himself.” The second man replied: “You can just try. On the next turn you hold onto your own tie instead of the strap you are holding onto now.” Other passengers supported the answer with laughter. Usually support is beyond us.

In everyone's life there are different curves, where we look for support. Let´s find it where Peter did. God doesn’t rid us of the problems and difficulties, but if we are looking for his support, we manage all the storms of life. With God's helping hand we will be afloat.



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